Sunday, March 08, 2009

Singapore Women

The headlines of today’s newspapers showcased the photos of 3 women who are successful in their career. A rare feature it is but today is International Women day as such some successful women in Singapore earn a special feature in today newspapers.

Since today is International Women day, I may just blog about women in Singapore today. Generally, when it comes to career, gone are the days when women take a backseat in Singapore. These days, we are seeing more and more women in the high rungs of businesses as well as in politics. There is an even playing field for both gender in work and there is not much of a discrimination against women these days in Singapore as how one fares in work is dependent on his or her ability here in Singapore. I believe the good education system in Singapore is an important factor that helps women, once seen as the weaker sex, lever up to the male, competing on par with the male counterpart in all realms of the society.

This only bodes well for women in Singapore as not all countries in the world have such a uniform ‘playing field’ for both sexes. In certain countries, women are still viewed as the weaker sex, their roles being confined to the house and caring for the family but not in Singapore.

There is hence liberation of women here in Singapore from their perceived traditional roles. Women can be even more capable than men: juggling an array of work, family roles and caring for her family.

But this liberation of women in Singapore may come at a cost. With women ditching their traditional roles, more and more women in Singapore have become more and more modern and open in their thinking. It has become common these days to hear of married women having extramarital affairs, young girls becoming sexually active at a younger age and more and more women become more liberal in their thinking and not always treating marriage with sanctity.

Just a few days ago, I read of the news of the breaking up of DJ Glenn Ong with his girlfriend, Jamie Yeo. One of the reasons Glenn attributes to the break-up was the fact that his girlfriend was a westerner trapped inside an Asian body.

While I welcome the increasing liberation of women from their traditional roles, I still hope more women in Singapore could cherish the some traditional values of our society.

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