Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clash at the Quay- Manchester United Vs Liverpool, Live Screening at Clarke Quay, 14 Mar 09

Central Square at Clarke Quay yesterday night was a sea of red and blue as Manchester United’s and Liverpool’s (Football Club) turned out in full droves to watch the live screening of the clash between the two football clubs that could well determine the winner of the English Premier League this season. The Football Channel's studio was set up at Clarke Quay's Central Square for yesterday 'live' telecast.

Presented by Joe Morrison & guests Peter Reid and Nigel Spackman, the ‘live’ telecast commenced at 8.40pm.

My Dear and I were among the throngs of crowd at Central Square. We were not football fans but we happened to be ‘in the right place, at the right time’, so as to speak, hehe.

The atmosphere at Central Square last night was overwhelming though we did not stay for long to watch the show.

The results (everyone should know by now): Liverpool-Manchester United: 4:1. I believe Liverpool fans spent the night celebrating though I was not sure whether there was a brawl that ensued at Central Square yesterday night between the two rival camps after the match. It should be unlikely, as the police and security forces are always despatched for these occasions.

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