Sunday, March 29, 2009

NTU Professor knocked down and killed by car !

On Friday 27 Mar 09, a Professor from China, aged 29, teaching in the National Technological University's (NTU) school of Electrical and Electronic was knocked down by a car as he was running for bus 179 near a bus stop; he was killed by the impact of the hit.

The latest case brought the number of fatality cases involving the students and staff of NTU to 3: a) the infamous David Hartono's stabbing of Professor and his subsequent suicide b) a tutor from China who hung himself shortly after his stint in NTU c) this recent case of the NTU's Professor's death from the car accident

A common thread that ran through all the 3 cases, besides the point that these 3 cases occured in NTU is the fact that the 3 cases involved foreigners: a) Indonesian in case a) and China nationals in case b) and c). The most noteworthy fact is that all the students and staff involved were from the school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering!

If you have read the news last year, there was also a Professor Ooi Ban Leong from the National University of Singapore (NUS) who was killed when he was hit by a vehicle while crossing a junction, and he was from the school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in NUS too!

What has happened? Why have the students and staff of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering departments in Singapore's top two premier universities been meeting with such tragedies in these two years and noteworthy for NTU's; 3 cases in recent months?

Is it a sheer coinicidence? Curse? Stress?

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