Sunday, March 01, 2009

Singapore Short Stories

The posts made in this blog, Singapore Short Stories, as befitting the title of this blog, are short. Nevertheless, though each of the posts in this blog is short, I would like to assure readers the quality of each post in this blog. The posts in Singapore Short Stories blog cover a wide spectrum of topics relating to Singapore and the world at large.
Singapore Short Stories blog is set up to share the experiences of the most ordinary Singaporean, that is me, living on this little exciting, fun, interesting and tropical island and a global cosmopolitian country with a good governance! The blog has been in existence for about 2 years now, I would encourage regular readers to my blog to read through the archives under the various labels such as 'Places' and 'Events' for a read of some of the most exciting places in Singapore and events which have occurred in Singapore that I have personally experienced.
For readers outside Singapore, do post a comment to me, should you have any enquiries you have on Singapore, especially if you would like to come to Singapore for a little short stay and want some information pertaining to your travel! I am most willing to share my knowledge with you about this little island!

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