Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Living Court House: Supreme Court Open House

Thousands of Singaporeans thronged the Solemn Supreme Court House today for the murder trial of Humpty Dumpty. All of them were eager to know who was the real murderer of Humpty Dumpty! My Dear and I were one of the audience for the trial.

As we entered the Supreme Court, we were greeted with the horrific crime scene. I was aghast as the crime scene was so ghastly. Poor Humpty Dumpty!

The criminals were brought out in full view of the audience to be tried:

Big bad wolf was the first to be tried. There was an analysis of why the big bad wolf should kill Humpty Dumpty. Why didn’t the wolf kill a sheep or cow, why an egg, I wondered. So it might not be him, I supposed.

(To be continued)


eastcoastlife said...

We didn't meet each other! I was there almost the whole day.

Anonymous said...

I hv seen ads for a "who dunit" theme in a supper club here. I dont think I would appreciate being confronted with the guts n gory while sampling the fine food !

Reading the first few lines, I thought u meant a real trial of a victim nicknamed Humpty Dumpty - well, I did hv a great fall ... from laughing myself silly *grin*

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for your post!

Did not see you for quite some time liao..

Anonymous said...

Now that Spring is almost here, I had alot of Spring cleaning to do n the garden needs weeding/pruning (takes 4-5hrs). Wish I had a maid to help me out. Hubby is not one to slave away at these unthankful chores *sigh* So then, I was spending less time on the PC. I will catch up on all ur blogs in good time, rest assured :-)

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