Monday, March 09, 2009

Singapore Retrenchment Stories

At last, it is my turn ….

I was called to the Managing Director’s office today, just ten minutes after I started work. I have known what is about to happen and within minutes of the meeting, the inevitable was told, “I am sorry, you have to go.”

I was asked to leave within an hour. I found a carton and with it, I packed my barang barang. Since there is not much personal things in my office, I left within 15 minutes. Severance package will still be paid to me in the coming days.

Today, I join the rank of thousands of jobless Singaporeans whose rice bowls were broken due to the largest economic meltdown the world has since in decades. I know the road ahead of me will be long. There are thousands and thousands of jobless Singaporeans, many highly qualified and experienced professionals all vying with me for the coveted jobs in the industry, many of these jobs are not even suitable for me! It is my bad luck to lose my job together with my colleagues! I have toiled hard and long for my company for years, and the thing I get is being sacked! There is no justice in the world! I realise I have spent too much of my life on this earth working for this stupid company, wasting my life, when I could have make use in better and more meaningful manners! With a family needing me to feed, and losing my job at the age of 40 is no joke! Training and training sounds good but what good it will be if I have to spend money on these courses and then learning these training serve me no good! I will become mad if I cannot find any work! -- Mr David Ang
Singapore Short Stories: Don't be sad, Mr Ang, we will be with you!

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