Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zhang Xiaoou

I caught a glimpse of the headlines news of today’s evening dailies while on the train back home.

The headline news today featured the story of an ailing National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate, Zhang Xiaoou who was a China top student and an active student leader, who is about to graduate with the coveted First Class Honours from the university. Zhang requires a huge sum of money, $400,000 for her operations to save her life!

NUS has also called for an appeal for donors in its website.

Some passengers were openly discussing about the news. They were not comfortable in helping a ‘foreign talent’, in helping an ‘elite’ of our society in our country, where many poor and sick Singaporeans need help too!

They have their views. Anyway if they do not want to donate, they should just ‘zip’ their mouths. It is not useful to revisit the ‘Singapore vs Foreign talent’ issue or ‘Average Singaporeans vs The Elites’ again and again.

Every foreign talent and Singaporeans, elite or not, have their places in our society and have a contribution to make to our society.


Anonymous said...

I have read the article on Ms Zhang today. It is very heartwarming to know of so many people rising to the occasion to help her. However, looking at the enormous sum to be raised, I wonder whether Ms Zhang has ever consider seeking treatment in her own native country which definitely would be much cheaper than in Singapore. The medical cost in Singapore is not cheap, as everyone knows, notwithstanding the fact that she is a foreigner, which makes it even worse. Seeking treatment in her own homeland will also enable her family members to take care of her as well.In this way, not only can she save on the medical bills, the fund-raisers can also "rest" earlier.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks LSE for your comments!

I am not sure of her decision, she must have some considerations.

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