Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IT Show Singapore 2009

The annual IT Show is back tomorrow, at the usual venue: Suntec City Mall! Admission is free.

I always know that this IT fair is where one can get the greatest bargains but unfortunately; I have not attended many of the IT fairs in the recent years though I have at some occasions, came all the way from home to the event venue. The reason I did not have the opportunity to enter the venue during these times was simply the throngs of crowds! The crowd was simply overwhelming and it was indeed a feat to be able to just enter! Once at the event site, people squeezed like sardine, leaving not much room to navigate freely to see what different exhibitors have on offer.

Not to discourage readers from visiting the fair, the crowds is just something would be visitors must contend with, the reward would be getting the coveted devices at a great price!

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