Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Singapore Property

There are hundreds of Singapore property websites residing in the blogosphere, but there is only a handful of credible property websites that offers flat seekers, buyers or sellers, prospective landlords or tenants the information they require fast and convenient.

So imagine my utmost delight when I come across this
singapore property website today: ST701.

There is a raft of valuable information that is so readily available on the website which I believe will cater to the differing needs of all users.

While navigating the many useful features of this great website, I even learnt of a property seminar which seems interesting and pertinent to what I am looking for now.. hehe, I will sign up for it soon!
I am amazed that ST701 has such a comprehensive website on all things related to singapore property, singapore real estate, singapore hdb, etc. This is one singapore real estate which I will visit often to get the latest information on the property market in Singapore!


mannu said...

it seems like a heaven in Singapore also. Just go for the Wedding Venues here is the right place for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Aha ! So u n ur Angel r saving up for ur own place ?

I hv been trawling the limited sites set up by a handful of agents who caters to non-Sg'reans. As u can imagine, they r all out to grab the big bucks, so those offers r totally useless to me. My cousin who is an estate agent tells me that I wont qualify for a property under the S$ 1,6 million bracket. This is very disheartening for me bec I'm planning to move back to SG when my hubby retires.

Getting a working permit is not an option n neither is getting a PR status *SAD*

Hubby ask why would I want to live in a crowded city with high inflations when we hv the green space, tranquility n reasonably affordable standards of living ?

Well, the 48% income tax is killing ! The compulsory medic insurance is rising every year (€ 2400 for basic n €4000 for premium)for us both, GST is 19% going on 20% when the econ recovers, public transport is going thru the roof with 6-9% increase each year (roundtrip at € 12,80 to go to the city), etc.

What is the percentage for savings in SG ? Here the IRS takes 1,2% on ur cash, assets like valuable paintings, boats, 2nd homes, antique cars n anything they can think of ! The rules here r very tightly regulated for the IRS to maximise their squeeze on the working folks *big sigh*

How's that in SG ? What hv I got to watch out to avoid being fleeced by the powers-that-be ??

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Mannu for your comments!

Wow Dutchie, 48% income tax! How often you pay this income tax in Holland?

For your questions, I do not follow any interest rates here, I just want to be frugal and save more loh..

Anonymous said...

Income tax r automatically deducted from salary each month lor
:-/ ! Hubby n I r paying the top scale. The rates r between 25% to 48%. An appraisal is also made for the following year to be paid in the current year bec the govt needs the dough to run the country.
It always stresses me out when I get the bill !

I suppose assets/wealth is taxed in SG as well ?

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