Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Singapore Entrepreneurs

With the worsening economic crisis, which seems to be getting more and more protracted with no signs of bottoming out, and more and more jobs being lost, we read the newspapers daily, to read, yet again the plummeting of the stock indices and more and more jobs being lost. Amidst the gloom, a silver lining seems to emerge as we read this headline :” Fortunes are made during recessions! ” to quote a local entrepreneur.

Indeed, entrepreneurs, FOREX, online and business millionaires are still advertising amidst the gloom to teach Singaporeans the path to being a millionaire, the route to financial freedom! There is no free lunch in the world, of course, as participants of their courses have to fork out a sum of money for training and success will be dependent on the individuals, how hard he would work.

It is a tempting offer for the ambitious employees who are made unemployed by the economic recession. Some of them may take the call and try their lucks to fulfill their entrepreneur ambitions in these uncertain times!

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