Friday, March 13, 2009

Singapore IT Fair 2009

Is there an economic recession in Singapore?
If yes, why are there thousands of people descending on Suntec City Mall for the Singapore so much so that the crowds snake all the way from Suntec City Mall through City Link Mall to City Hall MRT station?
I was told that this year IT show extends to all the 6 floors of Suntec City Mall. I did not go as I cannot stand crowds and I am not an IT person.
The mammoth crowds gave no hints that Singapore is suffering from one of the worst economic conditions since independence! IT products are luxury items, it is shocking that Singaporeans still spend on these products despites the grim economy.
Their premise might be to enjoy a great bargains but will not the saving be more if they have not gone to the fair?
IT exhibitors there are raking in some small and big bucks with the crowds of shoppers! These IT devices may give a shine to the faces of Singaporeans suffering from the trauma of economic recession. If that is the case, the monies spent on the IT products might be well -spent.
For me, I alleviate the daily stress caused by nonsenical people at work via running... long running. Give it a try, you will be doubly charged up and will feel GREAT!

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