Sunday, March 29, 2009

Singaporeans don't know where they live? or are they simply bo chap?

It is not often that I lose my way while navigating around the island. But just a few days ago, I happened to be finding my way around a little district which I was not familar with, it was then I approached one Singaporean, whom was obviously a resident living in the estate for help.
To my expectation, he did not know the place I am looking for (though later I found out that the place I was looking for was just behind the block of flats which I have met him).
It was within my expectation as close to 95% of all times I have sought help from Singaporeans getting around, the answer was 'I don't know'? though they are living right in the estate!
Are Singaporeans really bo chap (apathetic)? or do they really don't know where they are living at all?


Dutchie said...

Our neighbourhood here consists of sparse low-lying houses n still we encounter drivers asking abt an address. I'm not well versed with the various street names either. We do hv a street map centrally placed with the captioned "You are here" - it's an aid for those driving around in circles n got totally lost. I supposes this could be a good tool for SG as well. Placed at bus stops of MRT stations, folks could find their way around.

To be honest, I still cant find the flat of my 2 brothers when we r in SG for a visit. In the past, the same situation made me missed on weddings or birthday parties bec I'm clueless in a maze of HDB blocks :-o

Last visit at my brother's neighbourhood, hubby n I had a look-see around bec it was a new estate. My bro insists that we take one of the mobile phones along - just in case we got lost - haha ... very funny right ?

Talk abt bo chap - we had similar experiences in foreign cities while vacationing there. I doubt the Americans or Europeans ever heard of courtesy to others/lost tourists !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie, my number 1 overseas blog commentator!

People can be apathetic, some people can be nice also. Sometimes I believe it has to do with their moods too.

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