Thursday, March 05, 2009

Singapore Toilets

Befitting the squeaky clean image of Singapore, Singapore toilets, in general are clean, especially those in the modern shopping centres. Recognition must be paid to the arsenal of toilet cleaners who toil hard for hours everyday keeping our toilets (public toilets of course, not my toilet haha) clean.

I am writing about toilets as today I stepped into my company toilet, only to pass a cubicle which looked as though it has just undergone the ravages of the atomic bomb placed on Hiroshima in World War II. The whole cubicle, toilet pan and floor have been bombed. Like ashes that was found everywhere on the site of Hiroshima on that fateful day in WWII, the cubicle was colored brown. It does not take a genius to deduce what that brown filthy thing was.

I am shocked and appalled that such destruction to a toilet cubicle could be perpetuated by a human, and an educated office employee somemore, a learned man, someone who has undergone education and training. I am sorry to say that even a trained dog can know how to defecate properly.

What has happened to the bomber? Where was his sense of ‘educated-ness’. The redeeming factors might be that he has eaten some real terrible stuff, which upset his stomach, and before he could take out his pant and underwear, the bad food which he has eaten was too eager to see the outside world. Normally such bad stomachaches are relieved by some ‘winds’ flowing through the anus and before one could stop such wind, the wind got unleashed and with it, it carries the tons of brownies which ravaged the toilet cubicle as it got splattered all over the toilet pan and explode like there was no tomorrow. Redeeming the factors might have been, the perpetuator might have at least clean up some of his ‘mess’, there was a water tap next to the toilet pan.

As I stayed on the toilet, looking at the ‘destruction’, reflecting on the basic toilet etiquette of some Singaporeans, a cleaner came in, to clean up the mess. I pity him for having to clean up somebody’s mess. It was a horrible sight to lay eyes on, the cleaner staring at ‘Hiroshima’ not sure where to start clearing the ‘stuff’.

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