Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Singapore Retrenchment

“I read of the reader’s retrenchment story on your blog last night. I am safely holding a job and hence it is still my good blessing to have a hold a job amidst the worsening economic recession.

However I am sick of this stupid job! My abilities are not recognized, and I am doing menial work each day! There is no value-add and I hate the promotion status in my office! My pay is peanuts and I don’t forsee a future here!

I am lucky to be employed now. One can say I am not affected by the economic recession but truth be told, no one in Singapore is really unaffected by this economic crisis! For me, I am affected as I am not able to move out to explore other opportunities cos now not too many jobs and for the jobs on the market, there are legions of job applicants! 20,000 people vie for the 800 posts on Integrated Resorts, what a madness!

I am sharing this with all as I would like all to realize that there is such a group like me: people who want to leave their job but could not do so due to the killing of opportunities by the economic crisis!” -- Christopher Lim, 46

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