Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Singapore Executives

Everyone has his or her privacy to be protected. However sometimes in office, unwittingly, we could give some of our personal secrets away.

I will not mention about the internet etiquette: e.g. clearing of cache should one access important applications during work, such as online banking portals.

However, there may be a office device which could be one’s Achilles heel to his privacy: that is the office phone!

Imagine you have a private conservation on your office phone. You keep the tone low so that no one can hear your conversation. After the conversation, you hung up, thinking no one knew whom you have spoken to.

You may be wrong. Phones these days come with a redial button. If you have bad colleagues, all they could do is to press the redial button on your office phone and get a hint of your earlier conversation.

Thus it pays well to not only clear your internet cache and footprint, do remember to clear your phone redial memory as well!

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