Friday, November 28, 2008

Why is there increasing terrorism compared to the 90s?

Compared to the 1990s, the frequency and magnitude of terrorist attacks have intensified, with an increased in the scope of boundaries as well.
Terrorist attacks are no longer confined to the Middle East, it has become borderless. I believe terrorism has become more unprecedented as compared to the 1990s due to the increasingly wired world, made possible by technology.
The internet has made the world a borderless world and shaped the face of terrorism into one which is borderless too. Internet and the new technology might have given media-crazy terrorists excellent avenues to propagate their ideas and their acts are often carried out to capture as much media attention as well by leveraging on the new technology as evidenced in the Mumbai terrorism acts.
Terrorism is a war of ideology, it is not a war for territory as in the past centuries. Where the medium for the conventional wars is airplanes, warships and tanks, the medium for the terrorism is the ever-growing cyber-technology for the propagation of the terrorists' thwarted ideology. This may explain why there is now an unprecedented number of terrorist acts in this century (starting from 911) as compared to the 90s.


Lakshmi said...

terrorism's ideology is to just create terror..sad the world has come to this..

Indrani said...

So true.

It is unfortunate that they use young boys in their late teens for such heartless activities.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya, I agree wholeheartedly with you Lakshmi, terrorist often proclaim they are fighting for justice but all these claims are thwarted.

Indrani, ya it is unfortunate. These young kids are often brainwashed with extremist ideologies from a young tender age.

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