Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tribute to my fan

I find one of my fans has been experiencing some difficulties today and this set me thinking of how long this fan of mine has been with me through thick and thin, everyday for more than twenty years!
This fan of mine has been a loyal friend, a super-nice friend who has given me comfort when I need this fan the most! But alas, fans do age and would one day leave me.
New fans of mine today are gone after a few years, but this fan of mine has stood the annals of time, serving me for more than twenty years!
In case you got me wrong, I am not talking about fans as in supporters, I am talking about my very old KDK fan! This KDK fan my family has bought more than twenty years ago is still functioning today and is still reliant, though at times, there are minor hums here and there.
I do not know whether it is business strategy or what, electrical appliances today last not as long as appliances of yester-years? If appliances still could work donkey number of years, then how could manufacturers survive by waiting for business to come by only after some years?
Is redundance and bugs in equipment sometimes inbuilt?

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