Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reading newspapers

I must confess that though I say I read a couple of newspapers daily, I do not read articles by articles as time is simply a premium for me! There is no time to read articles in the newpapers, all I could do is to glance quickly through the papers, occassionally pausing to read in depth some of the more interesting articles.
This is skimming, not reading newspapers, I understand, but there is simply so much things to do in life.
If I could have the time, I wish to read every article of the Straits Time and many other good blogs lying in the blogosphere. The contents of each newspaper articles are enriching and journalists and editors take time to research and come out with the articles. It is a waste not to read them, but with busy Singaporeans hard-pressed for time, what could we do?
But it is not uncommon to hear of retirees reading the newpapers more in depth as they have more time, good for them for such reading enriches their minds!

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