Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cherishing my time after work

It is madness, a rush for time everyday after going back home from work. There is really a whole raft of things to do, hobbies to pursue, meaningful activities to participate and other committments so much so that on days like today, I have no choice but to blog at this timing of the day!
I really cherish the time after work, as life itself on earth is already limited and short, why waste time on unproductive things and on people who simply have no senses and take up your time?
No, do not misunderstand me, always at times, I encounters some senseless people or people with hobbies, characters which are really abhorent and I always try to hint them into changing, but often a times, that do not work and instead I find myself on the receiving end of their scolding of me, or 'revenging' to me as they have viewed my keen advice, given to them, subtly and kind-heartedly as some sort of an unwarranted chastisement. I did my part to enlighten these beings but if they were to continue in their heedless manners, I would just have to let it be, because I simply cannot spend all my time to educate and enlighten them as simply time is too short for all of us, including me.
Back on this topic of time, a study which I recently read, found that people who spend a significant part of their time watching TVs are unhappy people as they have really spend little time socialising with others or taking part in other social recreational habits. I agree wholeheartedly with the report and I would like to add Internet games activities addictions as another source, another scourge of time wasting, plus the playstations which are so common nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to hv friends n colleagues to party with, after work, so to speak. Now I'm hearing from across the ocean that my former counterparts r rushing home to watch their fave soaps. Perhaps it's their way to unwind after a day at work ?

Sadly, life in Europe tends to turn one into a couch potato bec it's cold n sometimes unsafe to go out into the nite for socialising in pubs. Besides, it's very expensive, so the TV is a source of entertainment.

Perhaps u hv other ideas ?

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