Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roti Mum

Like the Bubble Tea craze which hit Singapore some 5 to 6 years back, the Coffee Bun craze which hit Singapore some 3 to4 years back has all but almost vanished into thin air.
We have Papa-roti, Beard Papa, Papa this and Papa that, selling yummy coffee buns with melted butter ingrained in them during that time, now what we have as remmants are ordinary confectionary shops selling these buns.
The ONLY shop selling more authentic coffee buns is Roti-Mum in IMM.
Move over Roti-Papa, Roti-Mama, Roti-Son, Roti-Grandson, Roti-Great Grandson, Roti Pratas are still the mainstay of the Roti culture here!


Anonymous said...

Ahh .. should hv shown what the bun looks like ! What do u taste when u bite into it ? Am curious.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Dutchie,

The bun is a rough normal loaf of bread.

The flour dour of this bread is sprinkled with butter and coffee and then baked.. the result: a splendid coffee bun laden with rich butter! It is yummy!

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