Friday, November 21, 2008

Financial Crisis

As we usher in 2009 soon, we do so with heavy hearts for next year will be a year, which is expected to have many witness countries falling into recessions, unprecedented job lossess, unprecedented number of implications from job losses: families affected, etc.
Singaporeans may still not feel the effects yet as the economic recession is just starting to bite. Retrechments are expected to head north next year and the government is encouraging all to upgrade their skills during this economic downturn so as to be prepared for the job market after the crisis. See today's announcment by the government.
Readers may thought that here I am still blogging, so I may not be affected by the financial crisis yet.
The answer is I have been affected as well. In fact, the financial crisis wiped off 10% of my personal worth in a matter of days!


Anonymous said...

what was your sec sch and jc?

Anonymous said...

Some of my stocks r worthless *sob*

My life annuity of 10yrs is now worth 20% of what I put in. I can only hope that when I collect, it would hv recovered. Otherwise I might hv to sing for my suppers in the mall, like the gypsies r doing now :-/

Sg govt is doing alot for its citizens. Our govt here is not even offering any tax relief, reducing the 19%VAT, lowering the medic premiums, council charges, etc ... we will hv to tightened our belts. No trips to Sg for a few yrs I think :-(

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