Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wonders of Changi Village Hawker Centre

My Dear and I went to Changi Village Hawker Centre tonight for dinner at
this popular hawker centre.

There is so much hype generated about the Nasi Lemark sold at Changi Village, thus we went to try, both our first time, at one of the Nasi Lemak stalls which was drawing long queues.

This hawker centre we tried is called International Food Stall. With the hype on the famous Nasi Lemak at this hawker centre, there is quite a number of Nasi Lemak stalls in the hawker centre, all wanting to have a bite at the Nasi Lemak Cherry.

The Nasi Lemak stall that distinguishes them all was this International Food Stall, just see the crowds it draws and you will know.

We paid $3 for a plate of the Nasi Lemak Chicken plus $1 for the fish otah.

My verdict on the Nasi Lemak? Okay, just want to stress, it is my personal opinion, I find the rice definitely is not enough, the rice just amount to two bowls' worth and they are certainly not filling for me!

The redeeming factors are the crispy fired chickens and the sambal curry. Other than that, the Nasi Lemak dish, in my opinion is very very average and costing $3, it is not cheap. I would give the overall quality of this dish at 5/10.

After eating the miserly portion of Nasi Lemak, we tried another popular stall, which is graced by the many laminated copies of news of the stall being featured in TV shows and newspapers. The stall was Yong Heng Fried Prawn Noodles.

The crowd was long and before tucking at the seeming delicious noodles, I was disappointed at the small portion of the noodles at $3. It seems that all the food sold in this hawker centre are boutique.

The noodles are nice and seem special, it seems to be like mixed with 'Yee Mee', but I find the taste very salty.

Overall, I give this noodle a 6.5/10.

Quite disappointed.. Changi Village Hawker Centre does not really sell very nice food at very nice prices.

The only food centre which I love is the Albert Street Hawker Centre (now at a temporary location besides Fu Lu Shou Complex). Once there, please try the Chicken Curry Mee (there are two such stalls, look out for the one which is at the outside of the hawker centre, facing Bugis Village and unlike the other stall which sellls other types of noodles as well, this stall just sells one and only curry chicken mee).

If you want to try, try to visit the stall before 7pm else the noodles will be sold out.

The quality of the said curry chicken mee, is so good, at $3 per bowl, that I have no qualm giving a 10/10 for it.

That is the BEST curry chicken mee, I ever tasted in Singapore. You must savour this dish and then you can agree with me!


Anonymous said...

Changi Village at Block 5 there's a boneless chicken rice at $2.00. At the hawker centre, there's another nasi lemak stall along same row as International selling at $2.50 for the chicken wing set. There's another Chinese one selling chiken wing nasi lemak set for $2.00. Besides that, the rest of the prices not cheap at Changi Village.

Singapore Short Stories said...

I find the Nasi Lemak at Changi Village is too hyped up when actually it is just average.

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