Thursday, November 27, 2008


As I ponder on what to write today,after yet another workday, for once, my mind went blank on what to write for today's blog post.
I could only stare at the unrelentless passage of time, the heralding of the last month of this year in just 3 days' time and a month later, the world will be ushering in the year 2009!
Year 2009 will be a tough year for the world, being a year of economic downturn, massive job losses and wage cuts are in the offing too. Pray hard everything will resume to normalcy soon!
Turning back to myself, I try to look back at my life amidst this fast passage of time. Looking back, life has been somehow satisfactory for me, being born in a modest family with good parents, having a good education and having a job....still (in light of the economic downturn).
In my life, I have met a fair share of tribulations, have seen the darkest nature of mankind, have my a modicum of wild days and am fortunate to meet and have my current girlfriend who is the sweetest girl of the world! Recently, I have told a class that my greatest achievement is having a girlfriend, the class laughed but then applauded.
I firmly told them it is my greatest achievement to have a good girlfriend! It is extremely hard to find someone who is compatible in personality with me, can stand my bad habits and of the same chemistry as I.
I am not rich and not handsome, thus I believe it to be a blessing to meet a good lady as my girlfriend as I have met and dated quite a number of ladies before, all with sky-high expectations: wanting their boyfriends with all the 5'C's and with drooping good looks! To pay justice to other single ladies too, there are also quite a number of ladies who would want me to be their boyfriend as my personality is okay and I look very decent but it takes two hands to clap and though they like me, forcing love just cannot happen!
Haiz, how I miss my childhood days and how regretful am I not being able to just let my hair go then and really enjoy childhood! I pity the Singapore kids these days, all mired in studies, extra-curricular exams or be seated, with their faces glued to the computers at all hours.
Childhood days are just so innocent.. after entering into National Service, University and Working, I begin to see the darkest nature of human being.. though there are definitely kind souls around.
The rules of Karma to believers may not seem to work out right in life: one does not seem to reap what they sow. We have people working real hard and yet they are passed over for promotion by others who are not as capable but who got promoted fast and furious due to certain reasons which are obvious: curry-favoring, backstabbing, parachuters, etc....this is just an example.... another example would be rich people (more Singaporeans are) bragging about their latest conquest of newfangled gadgets... simply boasting of their wealth, oblivious to the suffering of the poor, I met quite a number of these arrogant people.
Reading here, one may feel that I am pessistimic on life but I am not, I am just tellling the state of life as it is in our society... people are getting more and more immoral and materialistic. I was shocked to read news here in Singapore of couples attending swinging clubs, if I got the names correct, where a married couple met another married couple, and exchange their spouse for one night stands... it is simply digusting and immoral. It is also no wonder that the divorce rates are getting higher than before.
More and more students some as young as 12, are also experiencing with sex, leading to a surge of unwanted pregancies...
at this point, I will turn in already... surprised that I can actually type a lengthy blogpost covering from time to my life and to social problems! It seems that my mind is not blank at all.. or have I become a seasoned blogger.. and earning my name as the one of the best story tellers in Singapore?


Anonymous said...

History repeats itself I always say. I told my nieces n nephews that their carefree days r NOW, so enjoy it to the fullest ! They in turn envy us our time at the office n fun living in the weekends. They never consciously think that we jostled with the rat race just to pay the bills .. sigh ..

Anyway, as u pointed out, kids these days will try anything new n precarious n unwittingly lose their precious innocence. I doubt we can close the pandora box once it's opened by the kids themselves.
What to do ? What to do ?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for giving your comments on a number of my posts here, hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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