Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Colours of Autumn

At 5 pm today, the colours of autumn ink brush exhibition was officially opened at the National Library.

There was a quite a large turnout at the opening ceremony, with dozens of parents of the children who drew the lovely ink brush paintings turning up.

Above was Master Chew, the calligraphy teacher who taught the children how to draw so beautifully all those paintings that were in exhibition.

Above, the lady holding the mike was the Guest of Honour, (not the MC though she was holding a piece of paper which contained her speech) for the opening ceremony.

The paintings above were so well drawn that they seemed to come from the hand of professional artists. But, they came mostly from children as young as five years of age.
Well done! Singapore has some promising budding Chinese calligraphy artists!
Well done, Master Chew too!
The exhibition is open free to the public for a fixed duration. If you are interested to see this exhibition, do go there early ba.

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