Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It grates on my nerves these days ordering from one of the premier food catering companies, in Singapore.
A sales executive called May from that particular company cannot make it at all!
Reasons for my anger:
1) Sent an email for order, took me 1 week and 2 phone calls for her to get back to me.
2) And when she got back to me, after so late, she asked for certain details of my correspondence, gave them to her, took me another few days and calls for her to respond, and when she did, she got the particulars wrong!
3) She got my name wrong despites constant and repeated reminders that I do not have another surname after that.
4) And I must tell you that her email to me does not have any personal thing message at all, just repeat the computer thinggy here and there so much so that all her emails to me are all identical despites my anger has risen to such a certain extent and has reflected that in my email. She simply does not want to apologise but simply repeat the same computer statement again.
5) And when I asked her to change certain items of the menu, oh my god, she changed an item to another item I did not even know, this was my last straw!
The company website only has the email of the sales personnel, no email of the managers of the company. I could have sent an email to the company's managers to ask them to wake up their ideas, their staffs, but even the top management seem to hide.
What kind of stupid customer service staff this so called catering company which is in one of the top in the local scene has? It boils my blood and totally destroys the image of this supposedly good company in my eyes.. in future, I will condemn this catering company!
I am a nice and patient man, but sometimes, those irresponsible and simply bocha service standard really boils my blood... these irresponsible and bocha customer service staff should be SACKED and the managers should have their manager emails in their websites for customer feedback. It is damn shocking to discover the worst secret, the hidden laundry of this top catering company in Singapore. Shame on this May, Shame on this catering company!
Management should be at fault too if it loses customers due to this bad sales executive called May because it is sleeping!
And I can tell you this is not the first time I encounter this, lots of customer service, from those quality standard organizations are simply playing 'tai-chi' and I think playing computers behind the counter, refusing to expedite on customers' request. Where is the GEM (Go-the Extra Miles) movement, all these look good on paper, but it takes a common man just ONE encounter and he can know that not all companies walk the talk when it comes to quality service.
It is super sad, that certain sales, service staff cannot make it. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not generalising my bad encounter.. the problem is I HAVE ENOUGH of rubbish customer service here and have also heard quite a number of stories!

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