Friday, November 21, 2008

Forever Young

I have seen and interact with some seniors who are into their 60s and 70s. Apart from their white hairs which belie their actual ages, they look young: their complexion, their personality, their energies and physical fitness which could even surpass me! Some have even perfect hair, (no hairloss or anything), just white, long and healthy!
Gaining into a deeper insight what make them look and feel so great at their ages, it dawns on me that their secret boils down to just one word: Discipline.
Discipline in taking care and protecting your brain, body, heart and soul. Some tips which I have gleaned from my own analysis are as follows, for your reference:
1) Eat truly organic food
2) Yoga
3) Some light sports
4) Mediation
5) Good and healthy hobbies like reading, gardening, etc
6) Be neat, tidy and organized
7) Be simple in outlook
8) Be kind
9) Eat light (studies I read show that those who eat lesser live longer)
10) Vegetarian (less oily type)
11) Sleep early and wake up early
Looking back at the list, I have practised some of these pointers but have not taken up some. Eating lightly is something I am doing now, because a cluttered stomach will lead to diseases. I am also steering away from all the fats, oils, salts, too.
I just find that it is really a discipline to be fit, the most important is to find time out of my busy schedules to exercise and stick to an exercise plan. Right now, I am definitely not exercising enough.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is complete indeed and the profile on a great, healthy life for seniors in Singapore is truly admirable. Congratulations Seniors!

I have just started a blog at It's a blog with a little twist. It will be interesting to know what has happened to the band members of yesteryears.

Do write in please.

Andy Young

Roger said...

Some health experts say exercise is the closest thing to the exilir of youth.

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