Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its not Omar!

I have initially mentioned in my earlier posts that Omar, the only white tiger out of the trio was involved in the killing of Nordin in Thursday tragic accident. But I was wrong, the two tigers which mauled Nordin to death were the two female tiger or so called tigresses!
I do not know the names of the two female tigers but how I came to the perception that Omar was one of the maulers was the fact that I visited the 3 white tigers just a month ago and Omar was the only one prancing around, see video below:

Omar's prancing around suggested to me that he is quite reckless and naturally I would believe he would be the first to maul at a human intruder. Ironically, it was reported that Omar showed no interest at Nordin at all and stayed clear of him.

The chinese has a saying. 'mu lao hu' (female tiger) to show someone who is really fierce.... there may be some parrallels here in this tragic incident.

The two white tigers which mauled Nordin to death were however traumatised these days, it was reported. Their senses were heightened and they did not behave normally as they were shocked by the loud commotion caused by dozens of people screaming at them to stop their mauling of Nordin.

It was the first time the white tigers encountered human too, thus naturally they were not accustomed.

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