Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Lightup!

Tonight is the official light-up for Orchard Road for Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas, what is Christmas without the annual lightup which transforms Orchard, City and the many shopping centres into fairylands?
When I was young, all these lightups and the many rains at this season of the year seem magical, all these lend a feel of Christmas touch to the usually mundane and busy life in Singapore.
But now that I have grown up, this magical feeling is no more and the belief of Santas Claus coming to my house to stuff presents in my socks hung specially for this purpose has been sadly thwarted.
With the economic gloom now and pending, all Singaporeans should be Santas Claus once again at this period of time, to give to the needy for them to celebrate this happy occassion too.
Next year, Chinese New Year will come early, the 4th week of January 2009! Even now, when I go to some shopping centres, I hear Chinese New Year Songs and not Xmas songs! (hey Xmas has not even passed!)
My heart becomes heavy as I see the closing of a year soon.... it means all of us are 1 year older and 1 year wiser and I must strive to achieve what I set out to do real soon!
Time and tide waits for no man!

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Indrani said...

Beautiful post.
Festivals help us to be happier and move forward.

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