Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Renaissance Man

It dawned on me today as I sat attentively in a forum that some people make a choice on a trade or skill they would pursue for life as a career, stick with it, specialise and excel in it.
Definitely it is good to excel in one trade for life rather than not specialising in anything at all.
But what happens when one has too many passions to pursue, too many interests to consider to pursue for a career?
Life is too short for one to explore an interest to try and develop it into a career. We simply do not have time to explore all our interests to see if they could lead to a career which we would like every much.
I admire Leonardo Da Vinci, who is truly a renaissance man and a master of a host of skills!
I would like to be a Renaissance Man. Though I could, like majority of the people, choose to excel in one specific area for my career, the other many interests and passions, I would pursue them after work, in my free time.
That would be living life to the fullest!

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