Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where is Mas Selamat?

As I recapped some of the stories which made headlines in Singapore this year, I suddenly thought of how Singapore's equivalent of Osama, Mas Selamat, has still not been captured since the day he escaped from custody in February this year! despites being on the list of the most wanted persons on earth too!

This picture of Mas Selamat is not something I feel proud to put up on my blog. I also do not put pictures not taken by me lest of copyright issues. But here, Mas Selamat's photos are not really copyright, I believe so as these are widely circulated to increase the public's and the world's awareness of his appearance and hopefully he will be caught soon through tips.

Realising that my blog does have international readers, I thought it would be good to put Mas Selamat's photo on my blog (though it is not very beautiful) for international readers to have an image of how he look like and to alert the police if you were to see him.Most likely Mas could have changed his looks, but certain features might be hard to change lest Mas went for a plastic surgery.

He has been elusive for many months; not being to capture Mas Selamat is dangerous as being a former JI leader, he could plot the next deadly terrorist attack with his morbid expertise!

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