Friday, November 14, 2008

of Nordin Bin Montong, Faces of Death, Gerald Ee and Dong Fang Billy

Today's Strait Times reported the shocking incident at the Singapore Z00 where a Malaysian man was mauled to death by 2 of the 3 white tigers yesterday. This man has been identified as Nordin Bin Montong.
The same report carried shocking photos of the man lying in a cradle-like position, with pail over his head, seemingly to pray that the tigers would retreat and photos showing the tigers all over Nordin.
This report might shed some light on the incident and that some of my earlier conjectures raised in my post yesterday might be correct:
a) It seems to be a suicide pact because the man was seen, according to the report, to tell his colleagues they would not see him again before going to the tigers.
b) The tigers were provoked. The deceased, Nordin Bin Montong was seem advancing towards the white tigers with his broom and pail.
It seems that Omar, the only male tiger out of the three might not be the only tiger which inflicted the deathly blows on Nordin, the maneouring of Nordin by the other female tiger might also contributed to Nordin's fatal injuries.
It must be a shocking sight for the tourists who witnessed the killing of Nordin. Initially they thought it was a show. It is almost like watching, in person, the video, 'Faces of Death'.
That was a video which carried chilling video footage of various death situations which I watched more than ten years ago at a friend's house. I believed it was banned here ever since. This video carried so many shocking scences of killing... ACTUAL killing of real life persons and animals! This included man being mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs, people being electrocuted, people cutting open a monkey's head in China and eating the interior organs alive..... I still could remember to a certain extent, some of these horrfiying scences so you could tell how horrifying this video was! Why I watched it then? It might be due to curiosity being a teen, curiosity of death.
Besides this horror video showing live killing, when the fight against terrorism started, if you could remember, there was a raft of videos being circulated of beheadings by the terrorists. It first started with an American called Johnson, followed by the beheading of a South Korean.. that was in year 2004 and I watched it with a group of curious colleagues.
The watching of the video cost me my lunches and dinners for a few days as I simply have no appetite. I wonder why on earth there are people who are so savage that they blink not an eyelid on slowly tormenting a person to death by slowly axing his head off. It is super immoral and inhumane!
Back to the white tigers' killing case, it was still very shocking to me why on earth Nordin went into the tigers' den. If Nordin wanted to kill himself in one of the most bizzare and spectacular ways, he had sadly achieved his aim. I do not know whether Nordin's case of killing himself in such an unbelievable fashion would stoked a surge of similar cases for people who might want to commit suicide in a most spectacular method... you see after the first person who committed suicide by jumping off the MRT tracks into an oncoming train in order to bring to the media attention of the economic plight of his family, donations poured towards his family, amounting to tens of thousands. Since then, MRT jumpings are not rare so much so that for one or two cases, the media did not really report them anymore. But why jump MRT tracks? The deceased who chose to do so should have thought about the immense inconveniences brought to thousands of passengers with his death. Were their deaths glamourous then?
To do justice to Nordin, we must also take into consideration the fact that he might not be committing suicide as this is just a conjecture and the police is still investigating. It might be that he just want to 'play' with the tigers or that he was under some sort of trance.
Just two days ago, Gerald Ee and Dong Fang Billy spoke at a Lien foundation talk on end-of-life planning, sharing with the public their combat against cancer and how to live life and prepare and manage death. That atitude towards life and the cherishing of one's life should be applauded.
Life is simply too short and too precious to end! In this period of economic gloom, I pray that those who are economically affected will not think of ending their life.. one must remain positive in the face of adversities!

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