Sunday, November 23, 2008

Singapore Christmas

This is the giant Xmas tree which stands right in the centre of Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Orchard, spanning almost 3 storeys in height.

Every Christmas, there will always be bound to have one giant Xmas tree erected at the forum square of Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Today's Sunday Times reported that a large proportion of Singaporeans polled have expressed disappointment this year's Xmas festive lighting at Orchard Road has paled in comparison with those of past years.

Christmas should be a spirit of joy and giving, Singaporeans should not just look at the exterior and worldly side of Xmas such as the aethestics of the festive lighting.


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it nice if the tree is for tagging our wishlist n hv our little wish come true ?

Hope u can post some pix of the Orchard Rd lightup n let those of us abroad enjoy ogling it ?

I certainly missed the buzz in Orchard. Christmas tend to be indoors n with one's family for most of the european households. The same old routine of dining n watching telly .. sigh ..

Anonymous said...

NIce to be able to see the surroundings of the complex in the festive season.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Yes, Dutchie, I will post some pictures of my visit to Orchard Road and the City.. their lighting in time to come.

Hi CK, how is the christmas celebration mood over in Malaysia?

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