Sunday, November 30, 2008

Singapore Stories

This website, Singapore Stories or rather Singapore Short Stories is a daily magazine website of events occuring in Singapore, comments of my ideas, feelings, moods and thoughts of life (and my life) at large and news occuring in Singapore and in the world over.
I do not really devote Singapore Stories or Singapore Short Stories to become a daily blog of mine as all things in my life cannot be quantified in a matter of words; words cannot describe the joy and sorrows of my endeavours, encounters and tribulations, though I have at times mention them in my blog here.
Personal blogs are always googleable and I have no problem to be able to track personal blogs of people I know by typing certain unique words relevant to his or her blog.. therein lies the dilemma of personal blogs.. while personal blog writers bare his thoughts and feelings to the world, he or she must take into consideration of privacy issues relating to his or her life.
Singapore Stories or Singapore Short Stories is also not a heavy blog, not a news content provider as readers can just read from the myriad of internet new sources in cyberspace and there is no point duplicating the same news.
Last but not least, hope readers enjoy my blog Singapore Stories or Singapore Short Stories!
Why do I mention the phrase Singapore Stories or Singapore Short Stories? Basically these two blogs are the same: Singapore Short Stories at this URL that you are now reading as well as Singapore Stories at this URL: . The Singapore Stories blog is actually my most original and earlier blog, the predecessor to this Singapore Short Stories blog but shortly after creating the Singapore Stories blog, I have inadvertently lost the ID and password and hence Singapore Stories has become a dead blog, regrettably.

Anyway Singapore Short Stories will still live to the expectation of readers wanting something relevant to their life and which are neither too trivial or too heavy a content.
If you have an article to contribute to this blog, please email me ! Many Thanks and Happy Reading Singapore Stories!

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