Saturday, November 01, 2008

Marina Barrage

Today and tomorrow are the open house days for Singapore's newest attraction: Marina Barrage! Thousands of Singaporeans flocked to the barrage on its first day of opening. My grouses are the exceptional long waiting times (averaging half an hour) for the free shuttle buses amidst the unrelentless hot sun as well as the super-dusty environment!
If you want to experience how does a desert looks like and what is a sandstorm, come to marina bay MRT station on these two opening days and walk to the bus-stop near to exit B for the free shuttle buses. Heavy vehicles carrying truckloads of construction materials or debris wheeled just next to you, sending all kind of dust particles, sand and smell, directly into your nostrils and mouths.
Just 30 minutes of waiting for the shuttle buses makes quite a number of Singaporeans sick, from the hot sun, from the super smelly and dusty waiting environment and I could hear many complaining of having to endure all these!
Nevertheless once they reach Marina Barrage, they would be pacified. Marina Barrage offers splendid scenery beyond words as these photos could attest:

The whole Marina Bay has been under revamp for some months till now. Gone are the superbowl and the many steamboat restaurants, the latter has migrated to Kallang, Lavender and Bugis.
Marina Barrage will be the first attraction in Marina Bay to come, next in line would be Gardens-by-the-Bay as well as the highly-anticpated Singapore's Integrated Resort, though they may be some delays with the opening of the casinos!

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