Saturday, November 08, 2008

So HOT !

I just had a diarrhoea this morning, maybe it is due to the dinner I ate last night at one of the most popular hawker centres? My Dear encountered the same this morning.
Anyway today, like usual is such a hot day for me because my house does not have an air-conditioner. I wonder what is the proportion of Singaporeans owning an air-con. It must be significant, judging from the number of outdoor compressor found on the facade of HDB blocks.
Being in office every working day where it is freezingly cold, weekends' heat at home is becoming more and more intolerant for me.

It is not only HOT , it is HUMID! Being in Thailand before, where it can be even hotter at times, I have not much of problem coping with the heat as the humidity there is not as high as Singapore. High humidity and Hotness is so strong in Singapore!
I am sad to say, but it may be true. We see girls from countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and China having such fair and perfect complexion. Without a doubt, it must be due to the good climate and splendid weather there, sprinkled with different seasons.
Acne is quite a common problem in Singapore, and I presume it must be due to heat and the high humidity in Singapore!

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