Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bad Man

I feel down today, down as I need to face reality, of problems that are hard or impossible to solve, though I have explored many ways to solve the problems, however, all these efforts come to nought.
It is sad....sorry, readers of this post, you must feel bored and sad on reading such an unexcited post.
Without a doubt, everyone has his or her problems, some more serious than others, others less major than others.
No matter what, I find that in this world, the most important thing is to be true to yourself. Others can look down on you, but we must never look down on ourselves.
With the increasing affluence of our country, I do find that those richer are getting richer and richer, and the poor like me, are getting poorer and poorer amidst all the rising inflation and the economic crisis.
I do not begrudge more and more people getting rich or the richer getting more and more rich but I do begrudge if the rich are getting more and more arrogant.
I hate the coterie of some super arrogant rich fellows, boasting of their latest conquests of newfangled devices and are totally oblivious of the issues poor people like me face.I have come across the rich earning some fantastic incomes every month displaying such arrogant, mighty airs and socially unacceptable practices, and are not very humble.
Lately, I was on the receiving end of some rich folks whose conversations disgusted me as they were simply flaunting their wealths.
Regardless of what happened in the world, regardless of whatever 'bad men' that come my way, I will still be my true and moral self, refusing to bow to the pressures of the society.
Some colleagues I know of, as a result to wanting to be promoted fast, have resorted to 'currying favoring' and engaging in all kinds of jungle habits to 'backstab' others in their climb to promotion. They devise all sorts of tactics, spending time carefully plotting their next moves, directing their own shows, backstabbing others, in their climb in the corporate rat race.
They have lost their moral consciousness and they believe the road to career success is only via this way to get to the apex of their career high and fast.
I do not wish to be like them. I want to be my moral self, though it may entail climbing the corporate ladder slow as a result. My abilities are hidden, my abilities are not yet recognised, it may be those without capabilities at work, but who are excellent in playing office politics who climb the corporate ladder faster than me, but at the end of the day, when I come back home, from a tired day at work, what I want is a peace of mind....
But coming back to my problems, these are not solved yet, though I have spent a significant time exploring all options to solve them, but nevertheless time is running out and I may be losing the fight to solve my problems that have beset me for these years ... ...


eastcoastlife said...

Facts of life. Not only happening in the private sector, what I find most annoying is in our public offices, such things are happening! The well-being of the ordinary citizens are cast aside, their power and bonuses come first! Their 'horses' need to be tripped. hehe....

Singapore Short Stories said...

wow ECL, u so direct la!

I like your forthrightless!

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