Thursday, November 13, 2008

White Tiger Kills Man at Singapore Zoo

Around 12.30 pm today, a Malaysian contract cleaner entered into the enclosure of the White Tigers at the Singapore Zoo and it happened: the white tiger killed the man at our beloved Singapore Zoo!

Our world-class Singapore Zoo is known for its open and natural concept of housing the animals, it is never known for bloodshed, it is unthinkable a white tiger kills a man at our Singapore Zoo!

I still remembered watching one of the white tigers prancing up and down when I visited the zoo 2 months ago, you can refer to my blog post on my zoo outing under the label ‘Places’, which shows a picture of the white tiger. I believe it is this active tiger which perpetuated the ‘crime’.

But, hold on, was it really a ‘crime’? and who is to blame for this tragedy? It is hard to say, though I must say that the white tigers should not be blamed. Animals are protective of its territory and if there is ‘intruder’ into its territory, their first instinct is naturally to protect their kins and to ward off the ‘intruder’.

Pity the white tiger could not speak human languages or else the whole truth would be known. The white tiger might just want to ward off the man but its strength may prove too much for the man….or was the white tiger just wanting to say ‘hello’ to the man? Or was there taunting of the white tiger by the man before his death? Was it suicide? Was the man trying to be hero? Why was the man inside the white tiger enclosure? Was it a deliberate or accidental or routine ‘intrusion’? .. many theories and many questions remains to be answered.

Before the white tiger kills the man at our Zoo, the bloodiest thing that occurred in Singapore Zoo was that of one great elephant injuring its zookeeper.

The white tiger killed the man at our Singapore Zoo but it did not devour the man up, this goes to show that domesticated animals might have lost their ability to hunt (or was the white tiger just fed?) but their basic animal instinct is alive and kicking still!

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