Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ahhhh Cheww ……

It seems that the December monsoon is here earlier this year, for the past week, the sky has been pelting our island with lots of rain.

Such sudden change in weather sees more people falling sick. In the trains, buses which I take as well as in my office, quite a number of people go ‘Ahhhh Chew’ as their noses run non-stop with liquid and they sneeze so often.

We must also note that sudden change in weather could also facilitate the mutation of certain viruses. Bird flu is one such illness, believed to be caused, in part by the change in global climate. We should try to build up our immunity at times like this, though a report I read just days ago reveal that vitamin C and E could actually do more harm to the body.

Without a doubt, I am also affected too…….Ahhhhhhhh Chewwww……..

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