Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pirates of the Gulf of Aden

I read at the audacity of the Somali pirates hijacking the Sirius Star, a Saudi-owned supertanker and demanded $25m for the ship's return. These pirates had previously captured many other ships and tankers and were simply brazen.
Pirates have exist since time immemorial. On land, we hear of robbers, and on sea, the equivalent of robbers are pirates!
But I could tell you being robbed at sea will be far more terrible than on land. On the land, you could at least solicit some help from a passer-by or call a nearby police station but at sea, most of the time, a ship, tanker or vessel would most likely be sailing alone.
Perhaps, movie producers shall consider doing a movie called 'Pirates of the Gulf of Aden' rather than yet another 'Pirates of the Carribean Sea'.
The seas are the most unexplored parts of the earth. Man has only discovered a small fraction of what is inside the great deep oceans. It has been reported some great monster-looking creatures, unknown to man may be living in the deepest parts of these oceans. Leveraging these remoteness of the seas and oceans, we find human monsters called Pirates!

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