Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The current economic gloom has put a dampener on the holiday moods of would-be vacationers. 'Budget' has become the new buzzword in the economic lexicon, and potential would-be vacationers may be cutting their budgets for their overseas holidays or contemplate staying in local hotels and visiting home attractions ...enjoying their 'staycation'.
Yes, this word, 'staycation' has become a common word in the newspapers nowadays and initially, I have thought this word is not an official word, just a new word that has been coined from the existing vocabulary like those web jargon which have been making official entries into dictionaries!
I do not mind a staycation, visiting local places of interests, especially the nature, appeals to me, but a staycation is not complete without a stay at the local hotels! However, local hotels cost a bomb! If one were to spend staying at local hotels here for their staycation, the amounts forked out on such local hotels might be more than enough for an exciting and relaxing holidays on our neighbour islands like Bintan, Desaru and Tanjong Binan!
So is it worth the money for a local vacation? For me, I do not think so. We might as well spend on a holiday nearby than staying at the not-so-cheap hotels here!
Recent news have reported that the government authorities have enacted a rule for all the love hotels in Joo Chiat to only offer hotel rooms at a daily rate, and not the existing hourly rates, in an effort to cut sleaze.
I think it would be even better, if the hotels in Joo Chiat do offer good family packages for Singaporeans to explore spending their staycations here on our own ground!
But first cut out the sleaze in Joo Chiat, else it will be unhealthy for families and local vacationers to see the hanky-pankies in their stays here and worse still, be tempted to partake in these unhealthy activities.


Anonymous said...

I agree that hotels in Sg r exorbitant if one wants to avoid the flea bags ! Perhaps they r just not interested in budget travellers from abroad ? The only way for some of us visiting our families from overseas, is to get a package deal but it does limit our stay to 1 week (kinda wasteful of the expensive airfare).

2ndly, why stay at a hotel when u could sleep in the comforts of ur own home? Getting home after a nite out is not that difficult surely ? It's still cheaper to pay the extra cab fare than paying for a room ?

So what hv u decided for ur staycation ?

Anonymous said...

ehh.. typo .. it's Dutchie :-)

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie!

Could I just ask which country you are from?

My staycation in Singapore will be to explore the natural wonders in Singapore and to check out the christmas lighting here as well.. that is all I think.

What about you? Going overseas?

Anonymous said...

Hi SSS - kinda strange to call u that, hehe.

I'm from Sg lah .. but lived for years in Holland with my dutchman lor :-) We've been to many places bec his work involved travel. I'm all travelled-out to tell u the truth. Only trip I gladly make is visiting my family in Sg n eating from stall to stall until it's time to leave ;-o

Singapore Short Stories said...

thats nice to be travelling all around the world, dutchie!

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