Monday, November 10, 2008

Gong Li becomes a Singaporean !

As the world welcomed the more popular US Presidential candidate Mr Obama, 47 as the President of United States, Singapore welcomed the international superstar, the epitome of China movie industry, Ms Gong Li, 43 as the citizen of Singapore.

Ms Gong Li was officially appointed a Singaporean in a new citizen appointment ceremony on Saturday 8 Oct 2008. The member of parliament (MP) who presented the appointment ceremony was Ms Lee Bee Hwa, thus it might mean Gong Li is residing in Ms Lee Bee Hwa’s ward: which is Nee Soon South, one of the constituencies under Ang Mo Kio GRC, helmed by none other than Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Gong Li is now officially a Singaporean, as China does not allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship. Gong Li may have become a Singaporean to join her husband, tobacco businessman here in Singapore.

Gong Li should be still active shooting movies. I wonder if she has a choice, apart from movies, what are some of the things she could do in Singapore too? The following are some of my wild guesses:

a) Be a Tai Tai: Gong Li is already wealthy enough.

b) Be an entrepreneur: with Gong Li’s superstar fame, she could easily start a business on beauty, on spa, on etiquettes, her business will be brisk with thousands of guaranteed sign-up, giving other similar set-ups a run for their money.

c) Singapore’s ambassador to China? Why not, if she has the necessary qualifications. She will be Singapore and the world’s most glamorous ambassadors!

d) Movie director: Gong Li has worked with China’s creative guru, Zhang Yi Mou and has the necessary skills and experiences to direct movies, giving Jack Neo a run for his money.

e) Singapore’s tourism ambassador, Youth Olympic’s ambassador? Let the world know Gong Li is now part of us !

f) Blogger? Gong Li could just blog leisurely and if she were to publicize her blog, she could be Singapore’s No.1 blogger, overtaking the current blogging kings and queens!

US financial expert, Jim Rogers has moved to Singapore in year 2007, and now Gong Li is joining us as a citizen too, and not to forget the hundreds of foreign talents flocking to our shores as Singaporeans every year, all these point to the allure of our small country as a home not only to Singaporeans but to the world over.

Who knows, we could see Gong Li in one of our streets very soon!

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