Saturday, November 29, 2008

PAYM's 37th Anniversary Celebrations

How time flies, today is the celebration of yet another anniversary of PAYM!

This year marks the 37th aniversary of PAYM. And unlike other years, when the celebrations seem more formal being a side event to a main convention or workshop, this year's celebration is in its own right, an outdoor celebration movie screening coupled with buffet dinner from Four Seasons Hotel!
This year's anniversary was truly innovative, no more butter cakes as last time, instead this year, JCO doughnuts stole the limelight:
Each of the participant was given a truly unique doughnut, 'engraved' with the familiar PAYM logo:

Everything of the above donut can be eaten, including the PAYM logo.. it is sugar coating!

Around 1930 hours, the movie started, 'Iron Man' is really an adrenalin-surging movie. Most of the audience sat transfixed on the grass mats given, and there were few visits to the 'trolley stalls' dishing out satay, laksa, ice ball, roti prata, fruit punch, rojak and popcorn.

Around 2200 hrs, the event ended...and we made our way back home.
A nice way of celebrating PAYM's birthday under the moon, watching an exciting movie!

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