Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Extraordinary Bloggers!

Today, I was surprised to note that a blogger has actually linked her blog to my blog, to be so called, as what Blogspot said, a follower. Welcome Icy, you are my first follower!

I am flattered that my blog can have followers because this blog of mine is a really very simple blog, but I can say,my blog is a blog with many interesting and useful contents which will benefit regular readers, I believe.
It is alright if my blog does not have much following, or it must have traffic hit count in the leagues of thousands per day, because I believe it is the quality of blog that counts, not the hit counts, the quantitative aspect.
I have visited those very popular blogs raking in 50,000 hits per day but the blog contents do not appeal to me so much so I do not follow them anymore.
A simple blog, a humble blog, can only be meaningful if it can give readers some takeaways after they have spent their time reading. I have no dream of making this blog one of the very popular blogs in Singapore, but I would like to continue to pursue my blogging and sharing of my blog with you readers!
Blogger Icy has added her as follower to my blog though I have not implemented this gadget prior to her adding. With her following, I have decided to implement the 'Followers' gadget for regular visitors to this blog to link their blogs to my blog!
I do not like the word, 'Followers' because those bloggers who are following my blogs are not below me, we are equal. Thus I relabelled the word, 'Followers' as Extraordinary Bloggers.
Yes, everyone of you reader and blogger are extraordinary in some ways or another.

Hope you find my blog interesting!

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