Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sustaining Singapore

Just some weeks ago, the Singapore government has formed an inter-ministerial committee to look deeply into how our future environment can be sustained in the face of the ongoing global destruction to earth, which is home to near 7 billions human.

An online portal was set up to canvass feedbacks from the public. At this writing, more than 600 feedbacks from the public have been received, with more expected.

My 20 cents point of view is as follows:

Paper reduction:

Do away with paper receipts in our country, explore a card and an online portal system involving the customer’s SINGPASS account coupled with technology similar to that of EZ-link. Upon payment, in lieu of the issuance of receipts, the cashier just scans the customer’s card for registration of the sales into a centralised system.

Upon reaching home, should the customer want to view the details of his transaction earlier on, he would just key into the online portal and he would be able to view details of the transaction he had earlier and those of other past transactions.

Plastic reduction:

Forbid the use of all plastic utensils and cutlery by all food stalls.

Air con temperature setting:

Some places like offices and shopping centres are like giant freezers, look into an audit of the coldness of air-con places, make it obligatory for all public air-conditioned places to conform to a specific set temperature.

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