Wednesday, August 06, 2008

MAM(mal) Hunt

News of a crocodile sighted in Pasir Ris Park by a regular park goer sparked off the next largest search in the country after Mas Selamat.

National Parks and PUB joined forces to trap the mammal, and members of the public also jumped on to the ‘bandwagon’ to find the mammal.

In a country bereft of nature, adventure and animals, urban Singaporeans find an inkling of wild adventure in trying to track down the crocodile. Crocodiles are aplenty in some countries but they are rare in Singapore. Tracking a ‘wild’ animal in immaculately urban Singapore helps to satiate, reignite and rediscover the adventure spirit in Singaporeans which is inherent in all but nevertheless hard to be released. This adventure spirit is exactly the sense of adventure spirit in entrepreneurship that the government is trying hard to inculcate in our youth.

This incident brought to my mind an incident which occurred not too long ago, one or two years back. A giant crocodile wreaked havoc and caused a furore in a river in Hong Kong. To capture the mammal, the Hong Kong police engaged the Crocodile hunter, the late Steve Irwin who captured the animal successfully as expected.

However though Steve managed to tame the wild, he himself fell prey to a jellyfish, an animal docile and tame in nature unless provoked.

A cruel irony of life, I must say. How heaven makes sport of man !

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