Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore wins an Olympic medal in 48 years!

Singapore has defied naysayers like me as our women table tennis players delivered the first medal for Singapore in 48 years!

An amazing feat for our island, but it would be more laudable if our winners are real Singaporeans.

Anyway it does not really matter whether true-blue Singaporeans or naturalised Singaporeans won as the fact is that Singapore has won!

Other countries are also relying on foreign talents in certain sports to deliver the medals. The foreign player scheme in Singapore has definitely worked well with the winning of a medal from these naturalised Singaporeans.

Just think of it, without the training provided by Singapore, Li Jiawei and her team would not have the opportunity to develop their potential in China and play on the world stage, they would just be one of the ordinary table tennis players in China, outshoned by the more dazzling stars.

Remarkable for Singapore to clinch an Olympic medal though it was certainly not a cinch (we have waited for 48 years for this day). India with its 1 billion population has till today managed to clinch only 1 Gold medal in air rife, not a traditional sports in India.

Li and her team would also be handsomely paid for their achievements and more would be given to them if they are able to overcome the table tennis world champions: China in the finals.

The finals would be played this Sunday, at a time and day when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong would deliver his National Day speech.

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