Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little India

It has been a long while since I visited Little India.

In a country where the majority is Chinese, I was inevitably engulfed in a state of ‘culture shock’ whenever I visit Little India for being a Chinese, I become an instant minority in the Indian-dominated enclave.

Little India is an interesting place to visit for all Singaporeans of all races. One can learn more about Hinduism from visiting the hundreds of shops selling a host of Indian paraphernalia, making new Indian friends and indulging in Indian cuisine.

I hope to see more Chinese and Singaporeans of other races (besides Indian) there the next time I visit the place. It seems quite apparent that Singaporeans of other races visit Little India only for its landmark shopping centre, Mustafa Shopping Centre and some of the popular eateries like the ‘Kompala’.

They should explore Little India, its sight, sound and people and understand our local Indian culture, part of our uniquely Singaporean culture.

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