Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore Arts Musuem

In tandem with the celebration of the National Heritage Board 15th aniversary, there would be free admissions for all to Singapore Arts Musuem from 1 Aug to 15 Aug after 1500 hrs.

My girlfriend and I visited the Arts Museum on the 9th Aug 08, which is Singapore's National Day, and surprisingly there was hardly any crowd in the musuem though it was its open house on the day.

Where have the crowds gone to? One can logically deduce that thousands have flocked to see the National Day Parade but deducting this amount, there should still be at the very minimum small numbers of visitors to the museum but we did not see that.

On the contrary, it was the foreigners and expatriates which made the bulk of the visitors on that day. Singapore really has a long way towards an arts hub as Singaporeans, in my opinion, are too concerned and fixated on the real practical aspects of life which affect them such as the rising inflation, price hikes of all items to be able to really enjoy the finer things of life.

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