Sunday, August 03, 2008


There are two camps of thought about life: the dualist perspective vs the materialist perspective.

Dualist believe that life is made up both soul and body: the physical degradation of our extrinsic body by death does not spell the total death of a person as the intrinsic soul still remains and has not waned.

Though the physical body, after death, can be buried, cremated, etc the soul remains as ever before, and there can be possible interaction of the soul of the deceased with the others living as the deceased used to do before his death, though the medium of such interaction may be different (a possible cause for the strange eerie encounters some encountered with the other world).

Materialists believe that with death, the whole of a person is gone… soul and the physical body as the physical body gives form to soul.

I am definitely of the dualist view and I would like to add on that too many mortals on earth place emphasis on the physical attributes of a person first then his intrinsic soul. The whole world is always caught up with beauty and fashion, women trying to look even better and men defining the beauty of a person (usually a female) in skin-deep terms. This is a regrettable fact in human existence.

I always wonder if man has not evolved into a more intelligent being, will all man and woman look the same (save for the bodily features)? Animals all do look quite identical: be they lions, tigers, monkeys, birds, sharks, cockroaches…….. then there would not be a defining standard of beauty for all man and woman and there would be equality for all (no more advantages or privilege given to the more beautiful).

Then the whole mortal world will then truly recognise beauty in the intrinsic form.

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