Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go for Gold?

Singapore, having secured at least a Silver medal in the Beijing Olympics Game 2008 (ending its Olympic drought in 48 years) is gunning for its first-ever Gold medal tonight, with all Singaporeans rallying behind the women team.

The action will kickstart at 7.30 pm tonight Singapore time.

The Singapore women team has secured a prize bounty of at least S$750,000 for their efforts so much (this amount for a Silver Olympic medal). Should the team blazes its winning trail further, S$1,500,000 will be guranteed for the team. Such hefty rewards, I believe, are the highest in the world. Lucrative carrots for other foreigner players to defect to Singapore too?

I wish the women team luck in their combat against their formidable opponents from China. It would be indeed inject a morale booster to Singapore's sports scene should the team win a Gold medal in this year's Olympic as it would shed the assumption that Singapore cannot achieve such a feat. With the accomplishment of a medal in the Olympics, I would also hope Singapore would be able to achieve its 'Singapore 2010' dream one day (having our National Soccer team play in the world cups in one of the t0p 32 nations).

Singapore has come so far to obtain a Silver Olympic medal... though it is good enough, but in Singapore's tagline: we should always strike for the very Best. This belief is what makes our great country ticks like an efficient and responsive clockwork.

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